How to Hold a Pencil

hand of an artist. 

hand of an artist. 

You can tell by the permanent paint stain on my finger that I hold my brush differently than most people.  

Same goes for pens and pencils.  

I once found an old report card that said “Logan refuses to hold his pencil correctly.” 

Look at me now, huh? 

the way I hold my brush is akin to the way I paint. it’s not the usual way, but it’s my way. 

And that’s the big thing, isn’t it? It’s my way.  

It’s comfortable and it gets the job done. More importantly, it’s one less thing to think about while I’m working.  

To be able to paint like I do I need to tune out. To go zen. I pre-decide on a colour scheme, select my music, and the rest of the world goes away while I create.  

I’m not a traditionally trained painter. In fact, I used to hate it, it made me uncomfortable and it was hard.  

But, I was told I hold my pencil wrong.  

Not rarely matters how you do something. Or how you were taught to do something, as long as your process doesn’t get in the way of the finished product.  

Hold your pencil or pen or brush or whatever however you want.  

Just let yourself flow through it.