Did I really?


Did I really spend 3 hours painting a bird in oil paints with one tiny brush?

Just to turn it into a fart joke? 


Yes, I did.  

And why? 

Because it made me laugh. It made me happy. That’s what art is about.  

No matter the subject, no matter the hours. If it makes me happy I’ll do it.  

I would paint another bird for three hours for another fart joke in a heart beat.  

It made me happy. It made others happy. It made a little girl laugh and now it’s on its way to be hung on her wall.  

Find the funny. Life is no fun without it.  

How to Hold a Pencil

hand of an artist. 

hand of an artist. 

You can tell by the permanent paint stain on my finger that I hold my brush differently than most people.  

Same goes for pens and pencils.  

I once found an old report card that said “Logan refuses to hold his pencil correctly.” 

Look at me now, huh? 

the way I hold my brush is akin to the way I paint. it’s not the usual way, but it’s my way. 

And that’s the big thing, isn’t it? It’s my way.  

It’s comfortable and it gets the job done. More importantly, it’s one less thing to think about while I’m working.  

To be able to paint like I do I need to tune out. To go zen. I pre-decide on a colour scheme, select my music, and the rest of the world goes away while I create.  

I’m not a traditionally trained painter. In fact, I used to hate it, it made me uncomfortable and it was hard.  

But, I was told I hold my pencil wrong.  

Not rarely matters how you do something. Or how you were taught to do something, as long as your process doesn’t get in the way of the finished product.  

Hold your pencil or pen or brush or whatever however you want.  

Just let yourself flow through it.  

What Being an Artist Means to Me

What does being an artist mean to me?

It means I have unbridled expression.
I have many tools at my fingertips in which to express the emotions that are churning inside of me.

The problem is....I don't always do that.

My art may show emotion, but I rarely do.
Not by choice, mind you.

Sometimes I feel like my art takes all of that visible emotion and spits it out, leaving me empty and dry like one of those creepy middle of the desert gas stations.

But...that's not really true.

Being an artist means that I can push my own limits - and not just in writing or in paint. It means that I have been able to recognize my short comings and my art is me actively working out those problems.

So pardon me while I express myself.